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Home Owners - Which System is the right one for your situation?

So you are building in the country.

If you are building in a rural area or holiday resort area, you may find there are no sewerage services. In such situations, dwellings have to be serviced by an “on-site domestic wastewater system” to treat all household wastewater flows from toilet, bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

What is an on-site domestic wastewater system?

Any domestic wastewater treatment unit serving a residential dwelling or commercial building where the final effluent is discharged to a land-application area within the property boundary is known as an “on-site wastewater system”.

How will I know I require an on-site domestic wastewater system?

Typical locations where on-site domestic wastewater systems are used to service properties and dwellings in unsewered areas include:

  • Rural residential subdivisions
  • Lifestyle blocks
  • Coastal or lakeside holiday areas
  • High country cabins/huts

If you are buying a property which already has a dwelling then you should ensure that the seller arranges for the existing on-site wastewater system to have a WOF (warrant of fitness) inspection before you complete your purchase. If you are modifying a dwelling or building a new one you will need to upgrade any existing on-site wastewater system or install a new system.

How do I decide which is the most appropriate system for my property?

You need to talk to and Oasis Distributors or Oasis Design Agents

An Oasis Distributor or Oasis Design Agent will arrange an investigation of your site, its soil conditions and natural drainage patterns, and then discuss with you where you would wish to locate your dwelling and other on-lot facilities. If you want to rely on using the soil as the main treatment medium, it is important that the best soils on the site are set aside for the modern septic tank and land-application system, together with a reserve area for extending the system.

The Benefits of selecting a treatment plant and dripline system

You may prefer to go for maximum environmental effectiveness and flexibility in locating a wastewater system on your property by using a modern pre-treatment plant and drip irrigation system. This simplifies the design process significantly, and allows the oasis distributor, architect and or builder to work together to provide optimum locations for dwelling, treatment plant, and dripline landscaping. The high quality effluent provided by your pre-treatment plant enables you to recycle water for landscaping, and reduce the amount of drinking water supply you might have used for garden watering.

Applying for a Building Permit for your on-site system.

Your Oasis Distributor will also find out what your local District Council requirements are, and check if your Regional Council has set any special environmental requirements for on-site systems when installed in your locality. Your Oasis Distributor will be able to assist you, your architect and or builder to lodge and be granted a building permit for your Oasis on-site wastewater treatment system.

What type of plants are available?

Oasis Clearwater is a leading plant designer and manufacturer of primary and secondary on-site wastewater plants for both domestic and commercial applications. The nation-wide network of Oasis Clearwater distributors are all experienced, trained and qualified and all able to assist you with site-evaluations and design reports, pricing and installation and the all important servicing of your on-site wastewater system. Oasis Clearwater on-site wastewater plants available to you include;

  • Septic Systems
  • Aerated Treatment Systems
  • Textile Advanced Treatment Systems
  • Membrane Bioreactor Treatment Systems
  • Retrofit Aerated Treatment Systems

Does an on-site domestic wastewater system require maintenance?

Yes it does. Regardless of the type of system, primary or secondary, the complete system requires ongoing maintenance or servicing. The type of service and regularity of servicing depends on the type of system and its usage. The important thing to remember is that these are living working systems and therefore they require servicing, your Oasis Distributor or Oasis Service Agent is able to advise around service regularity and provide the service.

How do I look after my on-site domestic wastewater system?

First things first keep within Your Loading Certificate, your Oasis Distributor or Oasis Service Agent will have provided you with a Loading Certificate for your system. This will set out the design criteria and the limitations associated with use of the system. It incorporate such matters as:

  • System capacity (number of persons and daily flow)
  • Summary of design criteria
  • The location of and use of the ‘reserve area’
  • Use of water efficient fittings, fixtures, or appliances;
  • Allowable variation from design flows (peak loading events);
  • Consequences of changes in loading (due to varying wastewater characteristics);
  • Consequences of overloading the system;
  • Consequences of underloading the system;
  • Consequences of lack of operation, maintenance and monitoring attention; and
  • Operation, Maintenance and Performance Monitoring

Oasis Distributors and Service Agents provide instruction manuals, and also will undertake routine servicing checks. Where a treatment plant is part of your system, your District or Regional Council will require you to enter into a “service contract” with the Oasis Distributor or Service Agent. A service contract provides at least a minimum of a six-monthly maintenance visit, cleaning any effluent filters, and inspecting the control systems. The contract will also provide for a callout service to deal with emergencies such as equipment failure or overload, and where required by the consent conditions, will carry out a periodic check of effluent quality.