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Oasis 2000 Concrete

Oasis Aerated Systems utilises settling, filtration and aerobic digestion to process the effluent.

Developed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, the Clearwater Series 2000 quickly and efficiently turns all your household waste water into high quality irrigation water, saving your valuable water supply for more appropriate uses

Why is the Clearwater Series 2000 Technology so effective?

The Clearwater Series 2000 system is not a septic tank! It is an aerated waste water treatment system comprising five stages of treatment. Liquid flows through the system by hydraulic disbursement.

Waste water first enters a pretreatment, settlement chamber. It then flows into a secondary settlement chamber. From here it passes via a revolutionary ZABEL A300 high performance filter, where further biological and mechanical filtration occurs, into the central aeration chamber.

In the central aeration chamber, thousands of tiny air bubbles are created by our exclusive Series 2000 fine air diffuser assembly, constantly mixing the contents and providing essential oxygen for the aerobic digestion and cleansing process.

The process continues as the water is introduced to our unique Clarifier unit prior to flowing into the pump out chamber.

The system is complete with a high quality system malfunction alarm.

Advantages of the Aerated System

Rated Capacity

  • 8 Person Domestic Situation
  • 2,000 litres Hydraulic Flow per day

Home owners

  • Protects water quality and enhances owners’ quality of life.
  • Saves water, money and protects our environment.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.

Councils and Developers

  • Highly reliable, low maintenance systems.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Increased public health protection.


  • Proven design and Engineering.
  • Reliable performance, reduced costs.
  • Systems for domestic and commercial applications.
  • Ideal for failed system renovation.

Contractors and Installers

  • One chamber - one hole - one connection.
  • Low maintenance, full range of spares available.
  • Ongoing manufacturer backup.

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